Satellite Tracking Systems

Satellite tracking System

Peace of mind, safety, simplicity.

Real-time satellite tracking means you know exactly where your people, aircraft, vessels or vehicles are, wherever they are across the globe, at all times. You’ll have peace of mind and you can use the tracking information to improve your business and save money.

Satellite Tracking System at a glance...

  • DTS Services offers an integrated tracking solution delivering the best hardware – simple, robust, portable and easy to use, combined with innovative software accessed via the internet.
  • This device was the first truly portable satellite tracking device. Ideal for vehicle tracking, it cleverly combines a GPS position receiver and a satellite transmitter in one compact, and lightweight palm-sized box, without the need for external antenna so it can be moved easily between vehicles or aircraft.
  • It relays real-time three dimensional coordinates of any vehicle, vessel or aircraft from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day to secure servers in New Zealand and Australia, via the Iridium satellite network.
  • The GPS position points are translated by the software and overlaid over terrain or satellite maps, showing the speed, altitude, direction and position of one or multiple aircraft and vehicles in real time.
  • Satellite tracking data can be used to identify cost savings and improve efficiency of any operation. Multiple land, sea and air assets can be monitored at the same time.

Key features

  • Purpose-built hardware and software solution
  • Web-based access to tracking information
  • No user licenses Truly portable - no external antenna required
  • Powered via cigarette lighter or portable power pack
  • Automated flight following compliant
  • Global Satellite Network - Iridium
  • Two-way communication between pilot and operations base with keypad
  • Monitoring/reporting rate can be updated during flight by the pilot with keypad
  • Pilot can send pre-programmed text and email messages during flight with keypad
  • Emergency alert function with keypad
  • No installation costs or certification required
  • Guaranteed server reliability with multiple servers
  • 24/7 monitoring of the system
  • Monitoring of multiple land, sea and air assets at the same time
  • Cost-effective tracking and peace of mind

How does it work?

At intervals you select, the tracker unit sends a signal with three-dimensional GPS coordinates of your aircraft or vehicle at that moment in time to the Iridium network of 66 orbiting satellites, which is then beamed back to Iridium’s Earth station and on to a secure server in New Zealand or Australia. The GPS coordinates are translated by easy to understand the software into a visual record of the vessel or vehicles journey and overlaid on to topographical maps. The tracks and track logs can be accessed by any nominated users, anytime from anywhere in the world via the internet. The servers are 99.999% reliable - that means less than six minutes unscheduled down-time a year – and the website is encrypted so only you or people you chose can view the data.

DTS Services offers the best hardware – simple, robust, portable and easy to use, combined with innovative software showing where your vehicles, vessels or aircraft are at all times, via the internet.

  • The first to integrate the GPS receiver and satellite antenna in one portable palm-sized spider unit
  • 100% continuous real-time global coverage guaranteed by the Iridium satellite network
  • Real-time location and situation information overlaid on to Google Maps, accessible via the internet by any nominated user, from anywhere at any time
  • Secure data stored on a 99.999% reliable server - that’s less than six minutes unscheduled downtime a year
  • Proven to work around the world in challenging conditions
  • By knowing exactly where your aircraft and vehicles are every minute of the day you’ll be able to plan more effectively
  • Two-way communication between the pilot or driver and the operations base more details
  • Low or no installation costs
  • No need for certification – can be used in almost all light aircraft or vehicles
  • Cost effective tracking for operations of all sizes
  • Automated Flight Following compliant, meeting the high standards of the US fire and forestry services
  • Your flights are permanently stored in a ‘virtual’ log book providing an on-line record that can be accessed at any time
  • The device is easily installed – just plug in the power, make sure the unit is pointed generally towards the sky, go on-line – and start tracking
  • The system can accommodate other tracking devices

Why use a satellite tracking system?

Improved customer service

This allows you to exchange important information with your drivers in a cost-effective, timely and safe manner, and provides the data you need to evidence service levels to your customers, improve route planning and optimise fleet utilisation. Our systems help you hone your service and reliability, and to decrease disputes and queries in turn, helps you speed up cash collections.

In-vehicle communication

Our fleet management solutions easily integrate and communicate with your other systems such as order management packages, and allow consignment information to be sent to vehicles in real time or in manifest form, and even make electronic proof of deliveries possible.

Improved driver behaviour

Vehicles driven heavily influences spend. Two devices are at the heart of our operation – an in-cab display and our our onboard computer captures detailed information about your vehicles and how they are being driven. This data is then transmitted over the air to our secure data centres. This device and the in-cab display work together to actively notify drivers with a buzzer and light using the RIBAS display – the key factors that influence fuel economy.

Vehicle tracking

You can pinpoint your vehicle on street level maps that update as the vehicles move. Events taking place within the vehicle are also highlighted on the map.

Fuel Management

With targeted feedback to your drivers, so that you not only manage your drivers individually ,but by extension, the efficiency of your entire fleet it's not surprising then that our transport and logistics fleet customers have achieved fuel consumption savings of up to 15%, and achieve a return on their investment in twelve matter of months.


Knowing where your vehicles are at all times plays a vital part in your fleet management. Here, FM Web is indispensible for location monitoring, tracking stolen vehicles and keeping drivers and vehicles safe by ensuring vehicles only overnight in approved locations.
FM-Web also supports:
• Advanced Reporting functionalities for driver and Vehicle Performance monitoring,
• Vehicle Utilisation Reports
• Job Status Reports
• Replay journeys in detail

Route planning

Using the web-based reporting allows you to exchange important information with your drivers in a cost-effective, timely and safe manner, and provides the data you need to evidence service levels to your customers, improve route planning and optimise fleet utilisation.

Web-based reporting

Our solutions give you easy access to this information in the form of driver league tables, driver profiles and carbon emission reports. With these reports, delivered through your web browser, you’ll be able to measurably improve driving styles to benefit fuel consumption; better manage maintenance schedules, reduce excessive idling and improve accident rates.

Who uses it?

  • Fleet operators - to track and manage multiple vehicles in real time, to know where staff are at all times and to improve efficiency in your operation. If someone is overdue you’ll know exactly where to start looking. Monitor land, air and sea assets on one screen.
  • Land based operators - track all of your vehicles in real time, allowing you to efficiently co-ordinate your staff while increasing their safety at the same time.
  • Marine - from a small personal yacht to a large cargo vessel you will be safe with spidertracks, tracking you through any weather condition. Two way communication as well as alert messages allow you to have contact with land at any time.
  • Health and Safety officers - if the staff in your organisation are travelling in remote areas without cellphone or radio cover, satellite tracking is a cost-effective way to watch over them.